Operation Crustacean Sneak Peek

1111 November Party Billboard

The message below was written by the Club Penguin Team on the What’s New Blog about the Extreme Paint Festival that folds into Operation Crustacean:

Hi Penguins!

Have you heard the news? The first Extreme Paint Festival is coming to Club Penguin! The event will be fun for all Ages!

not just any old colors will be used. this is going to involve a lot of pink, purple, yellow and even RED!

Stay ALERT because the paint will be flying! I bet You’ll be loving the continuous gobs of paint tossed around.

Just one thing: please do not touch the canopy. It’s very important that it stays intact!

I think I’ll head to the Dock to check our this amazing fest! If you leave a comment with more information on this awesome event, I’ll check it out as soon as I can!

Over and out… um, I mean… BYE!

-Club Penguin Team


The letters in bold decode a message: EPF Agents. This is a RED ALERT! You’ll be contacted with more information soon. Over and out.


Started on November 4th, a UFO has been abducting penguins from eleven different rooms on the island, eleven times in an hour. When the penguin is abducted, they will be brought to a UFO and they won’t be able to move around for a few seconds. Then they will be released and they will receive a tinfoil hat shown below.

Tinfoil Hat icon

UFO  This UFO is located in space



Minute Room
04 Snow Forts
09 Plaza
14 Forest
19 Mine Shack
24 Skatepark
29 Cove
39 Ski Hill
44 Ski Village
49 Beach
54 Dock
59 Town

This is a link where you can find more information on the UFO such as the sound effect: http://clubpenguin.wikia.com/wiki/UFO

Leave a comment down below if you have been abducted by the UFO yet. One of my personal tips is to be the only one on the server. Also, the UFO comes around every hour when in the Town.

Waddle On Penguins!

Halloween Party 2015!

Halloween-Party-Billboard (1)

Hey Penguins-

Remember the 10th Anniversary Party? Gary the Gadget Guy made robots to represent most of Club Penguin’s mascots. Towards the end of the celebration, Gary’s robots went uncontrollable. For this years Halloween Party, you have to turn off the robots that were featured in this years Anniversary Party.

Halloween-Party-Billboard   rookie-club-penguin

Then you will play a mini-game that completely disables the robots. After playing the mini-game, you will win the item used to scare the bot and if you are a member, you will win the head of the bot as a mask as well as the item used to disables the bot. You will do this for the Puffle Handler, Rockhopper, Gary, Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Sensei, and Rookie. Once you defeat the Rookie-bot, it will say that Herbert P Bear’s secret lair is hidden in the Coffee Shop. This also shows that Herbert has been controlling the bots ever since they went crazy. Once you receive the message, you will be transported to Herbert’s lair. Herbert has a replica bot of himself that you have to kill with the lazer canon on the ceiling. Once you destroy the bot, you will receive the two items that were given when disabling the other bots.


Overall, I think that this party is fun but simple. There needs to be a little bit more to do. Also, I think that the costumes in the clothing catalog need to be updated. There needs to be a few new Halloween igloos added.

Comment down below your opinions on the Halloween Party of 2015!

Waddle On!

10th Anniversary Party – Mascot Meet-up Times

Hi Penguins!

Here are the Mascot Meet-Up Times! Hope I can meet some of you on the island.

Waddle On!

Anniversary Party Begins Today!

This post was written by Megg:
Hi Penguins!
It’s almost time to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, and I am SO excited. I had the team create MEGGBOT for me to use on the blog :D
During the party, Meggbot will be posting all my posts for me so I can have more time to celebrate — great right?! Here she is:

Also, watch for an exclusive 10 year Anniversary blog series we’re calling CP Time Warp. We’ve been digging through some of our paper and digital archives to bring you some cool, never before seen about info from the past. We’re super excited to share things we’ve never shared before!

How to Collect All Stamps on Club Penguin


This post comes from Saraapril: http://www.clubpenguinsaraapril.com/2010/07/collect-all-stamps-in-club-penguin.html

Since she has a block on her blog that doesn’t allow us to copy and paste the article here, the only way to view the story is to click the link above.


Waddle On!

Anniversary Party Sneak Peek

0923 10yr Anniversary Billboard

This post is written by Megg: Anniversary Party Sneak Peek


Our 10th Anniversary is SO SOON!!! As you know, 10 years is a pretty big deal — so we’re throwing a gigantic party!

From October 1 – 21 celebrate with us on both desktop computers and the Club Penguin app! Get ready to take a waddle down memory lane while you visit past party rooms and learn about their history from our mascots — or should I say… MascBOTS! ;)
And yes, the WHOLE island will be decorated.
On each day of the party you’ll get free item!  Members on desktop computers can adopt the Black T-Rex & Pink Triceratops puffles. On the Club Penguin app, EVERYONE can adopt a gold puffle October 1 – 21. Woohoo!
I don’t know about all of you, but I’m SO EXCITED for this party!
What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below.
Waddle On!

Descendants Party Sneak Peek 2015

This message was written by Megg on the Club Penguin Blog: September 2015 Party Announcement!

Ever since its release, we’ve had A TON of players contact us and ask for a Descendants Party. Well, we watched the movie and agree—it’ll be awesome to bring Auradon Prep to the island! AND GUESS WHAT?! The Iceberg will be floating over on the Club Penguin app for the duration of the party—what do you think?

Leave some comments down below about your opinions on the party.

Waddle On!